Who supplies the perfume? 
Customers order and ship the selected perfume after approval. Not all bottles can be engraved.
Which fragrances can be engraved?
I like a smooth surface for engraving. Just because a fragrance meets this requirement that does not mean it will work for engraving. The amount of text requested is also a factor. Smaller fragrance bottles will leave very small space for engraving. 
How long will it take to get my order?
Current processing time is 2-4 weeks. 
When does my perfume need to be shipped to you.
The minimum is SIX weeks prior to requested delivery date. The sooner I have it, the earlier I can begin working on it. 
Is there bulk discount?
There are currently no bulk rates at this time.
What is the price of ground shipping?
The range for ground shipping is anywhere from $7-$20. The USPS has restrictions on the amount of fluid ounces that can be sent of a hazardous material. Some orders may have to be sent in multiple shipments. 
Is there a design catalog to choose from?
I like to work individually with each customer to create a special unique design. If you would like inspiration you can look at my Instagram for ideas. 
What is the difference between traditional and modern calligraphy?