Request form and waitlist are currently closed.
At this time I need to focus on my family and some health concerns with one of our kids.
I hope to be working on some other things to offer that are not so involved and time consuming.
Your support here means the world to me. Thank you so much. 
**This is an order form not and order confirmation**

Are you interested in getting a fragrance custom engraved? Please fill out the form above. I will review your request and get you an exact price for the project.

At that point if you want to move forward, you can order and ship your fragrance directly to me from most online retailers. It is a PO Box so there are a few that won't allow it. Once I get the fragrance I will engrave it and ship it back to the address you provide for me.

It's super easy.

Some general information:
Due to USPS regulations perfume is considered a hazardous material therefore it can ONLY be shipped domestically in the USA via GROUND  which could increase shipping times. 
Certain bottles will not be accepted for engraving. There needs to be adequate space for the design and the surface needs to be smooth. If you are unsure if the bottle will work email me a photo and I can let you know. I also have some videos on social media with examples of what will and won't work.